We offer cooperation on research projects in the areas of corrosion and corrosion protection technologies. We are qualified for and experienced in participation in consortia both with scientific institutions (universities, Polish Academy of Sciences – PAS – institutes , research institutes) and industrial enterprises with metal surface treatment departments.

We have acquired experience through the EU Competence Centre project concerning integrated technical and qualitative systems for corrosion protection (CORPROT) and other research activities conducted for national and international corporations as well as small and medium enterprises, e.g. Chemetall GmbH, Airbus, Budimex and Energy5. Over the years, we have also established relationships with research facilities in Eastern Europe.

Industrial enterprises can commission us to prepare and conduct research projects leading to implementation and continue the cooperation activities in order to support the technological development of our industrial partner. Working with us enables our partners to:

– build a presence on the European market (for Polish enterprises);

– speed up adaptation of technologies to the needs of Polish industry and retail customers (for international enterprises).

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