• Research on chemical surface treatment, temporary protection and inorganic and organic coatings.
  • Identification of scientific grounds for the development of advanced corrosion protection technologies.
  • Research on the deterioration of materials and coatings and monitoring of aggressive atmospheres in Poland.
  • Corrosion assessment reports, inspections and tests of potential causes of deterioration due to corrosion.
  • Development of new technologies to create new applications for thermally sprayed corrosion protection coatings, heat-resistant coatings and coatings resistant to wear and for remanufacturing of machine parts.
  • Development of new methods for tests of thermally sprayed coatings.
  • Participation in activities of associations and chambers of commerce in order to mitigate technical and economic losses due to corrosion.


  • Production activities and services relating to thermal spraying and chemical surface treatment, particularly conversion coatings, with particular focus on dip phosphating.
  • Training for representatives of the industry.
  • Standardisation and information activities relating to corrosion protection.

Production technologies:

  • Selection and assessment of corrosion protection technologies.
  • Development of selected products for chemical and electrochemical surface treatment.